12 Projects from 7 ASEAN Countries

Total grants awarded: USD 18,600.00


Robam Boran Khmer

ASEAN Youth Heritage Leader: Kanal Khiev ([email protected])
Dalin Eng ([email protected])
Sokunthea Tang ([email protected])
Grant: USD 2,000.00

Robam Boran Khmer focuses on reviving the Cambodian classical dance identity to the young generation through youth volunteerism and community engagement. The project works closely with student associations of universities and non-governmental organisations working on arts and youth in Cambodia and Thailand. It seeks to addresses the ASEAN identity, Cambodian cultural awareness as well as community engagement through youth in Cambodia and students in Thailand. All workshop activities will be documented and uploaded through social media for public access. In Cambodia, the main output is a booklet on “Cambodian Heritage,” written in both Khmer and English languages. They will be distributed to the public such as primary school, university students, and other art organizations. In Thailand, team will work closely with the cultural coordinators in charge of exchange Thai-Cambodia programmes in each university in Thailand. There are also plans to organise “Season of Cambodia” as an annual celebration of Cambodian culture under cooperation from Royal Cambodian Embassy to Thailand.


ASEAN Heritage Community Seminar + Inspiration Class (project 1)

Toraja for Brighter Future (project 2)

ASEAN Youth Heritage Leader: Laen Sugi Rante Tandung ([email protected])
Grant: USD 1,500.00 (joint award for both projects)

The ASEAN Heritage Seminar and Inspiration Class is a seminar aimed to educate and inspire the youths of Makassar in awareness of the ASEAN Community, in particular, appreciation of the ASEAN Heritage Community. The inspiration class, conducted as part of the seminar, is a sharing session on experiences and tips to obtain study scholarships that are related to culture and heritage, as shared by a UNESCO representative and recipients of the scholarships.

Toraja for Brighter Future is a programme aimed at raising awareness and reviving young generations of the Toraja community about their own identity. The programme took place in North Toraja, Indonesia, from 9th to 15th of March, 2015. A total of 617 enthusiastic participants from schools and universities in the region participated in the programme. Elementary school children learned about ASEAN, Torajanese handicraft making, and Torajanese culture. Students from junior high schools were taught about Torajanese culture and history as well as the ASEAN Community. The team also went to senior high schools and universities in North Toraja to spread awareness about ASEAN Community, Torajanese history, the benefits of preserving cultures for youth, and scholarships for cultural exchanges. The programme ended with a visit to abandoned heritage sites for cleaning and putting up signboards.


ASEAN Youth Heritage Leader: Gayuh Mustiko Jati ([email protected])
Grant: USD 1,800.00

This is a leadership development programme that seeks to encourage local youths aged 18 – 25 years to contribute towards the conservation of Yogyakarta’s cultural heritage. It focuses on cultural heritage sites in Yogyakarta and the rich Javanese heritage that have not been documented. In addition, this project aims to advocate the awareness of Yogyakarta’s position as part of the ASEAN community. There are three phases:

  1. Heritage Leaders Training – lectures and workshops on heritage, ASEAN, volunteerism, leadership, as well as practical skills;
  2. Leaders in Action – heritage field work, i.e. documentation, cultural mapping, and promotion of heritage through online and/or offline media, whereby each group should demonstrate heritage documentation (tangible and intangible) in 5 different regencies / municipals in Yogyakarta Special Region; and
  3. Community Engagement Project – community engagement activities that will undergo proposal writing and awarding of grants, as output of the first 2 phases.

Gayo Expedition: Discover the Original Saman

ASEAN Youth Heritage Leader: Muhammad Iqhrammullah ([email protected])
Grant: USD 2,000.00

Under the leadership of Sobat Budaya Foundation, a youth-led non-profit organization founded by Muhammad himself, this expedition seeks to collect data from primary and secondary sources to help preserve the Saman Dance. It will engage 20 senior high school students from Banda Aceh and 10 students from Takengon to experience and document the culture and tradition of Gayonese, especially Saman, in Takongon. Besides learning about culture, the participants are expected to do documentation and research. Outputs will be published through a digital library and book which will be sent to multi-stakeholders, media, as well as academic conferences. Participants will also be required to make an “Idea Canvas” of social businesses which can be applied by the local community. They will be given the title of “Saman Ambassador,” tasked to introduce Saman, especially in their respective schools. Post-programme plans include weekend art shows of Saman in schools and local theatres, as well as engaging school administrators to integrate the dance into the curriculum. The programme will also engage the COCI focal point to share about ASEAN during the program.


A Walk to Remember

ASEAN Youth Heritage Leader: Farah Yasmin Abd Radzak ([email protected])
Grant: USD 700.00

A Walk to Remember is a learning journey which involves the participation of selected youth leaders in a 4-day programme. Selected youth leaders will travel along the Peninsular of Malaysia by train to 3 heritage sites in Malaysia, namely Johor Bahru, Lenggong Archeological Sites in Perak, and Georgetown World Heritage City, Penang to cover the stories of each site. Nowadays, the use of train to travel intercity is no longer the first choice of the public, especially the younger generations. Nonetheless, train stations are important sites of national heritage. Through the Programme, websites and video documentaries will be produced to promote the heritage sites. As a starter, the focus will be narrowed to Georgetown World Heritage City, Penang. Long term plans include the replication of the Programme in other ASEAN countries which are connected by trains such as Singapore, Thailand, and Cambodia.

Projek Molah Kamus Bahasa Sarawak (PMKBS)

ASEAN Youth Heritage Leader: Mohd Nazreen Mohamad ([email protected])
Grant: USD 1,200.00

Projek Molah Kamus Bahasa Sarawak (PMKBS) is an initiative that seeks to kick start the Bahasa Sarawak community towards preserving its own cultural heritage. The project will work with linguist experts and local community members in order to produce the first edition of the dictionary for Bahasa Sarawak within 2 years from project start date. The publication will also have an ASEAN theme, via the uniqueness of the dialect which extends as far as it sharing words with Brunei, Tagalog and Indonesian, more than other dialects. In addition, the initiative mentors local youths in the community to carry out their own projects that contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage in Sarawak.


Kachin Heritage Youth Volunteer Programme

ASEAN Youth Heritage Leader: Seng Moon Ja ([email protected])
Grant: USD 2,000.00

The Kachin tribe did not have literature of their own until the arrival of Christian missionaries a century ago. The only clue for Kachin history comes from oral traditional storyteller, Jaiwa. To capture youth attention and to kick start the preservation of Kachin Heritage, Kachin Heritage Guardians sets up the Kachin Heritage Youth Volunteer Programme, aimed at digital preservation of ancient Kachin weaving pattern and Kachin historical, cultural and traditional books. The programme includes a workshop camp on Kachin history, Kachin heritage, Kachin literature, Kachin weaving theory, method of documentation, leadership, ASEAN Identity and World Heritage Criteria. The programme targets the participation of 20 youths as volunteers. After two days of training, volunteers will collect data and conduct documentation of 120 Kachin weaving patterns. Completed works will be presented to the Kachin E-Library. A separate workshop on digitalized Kachin historical, cultural and traditional books hopes to attract the participation of 10 youth volunteers, who will scan, edit, summarise and publish the books on Kachin E-Library.


iMake A Difference

ASEAN Youth Heritage Leader: Elaine M. Tagudando ([email protected])
Grant: USD 1,500.00

iMake A Difference aims to realize sustainable development in which the indigenous community is involved in activities that will ensure socio-economic welfare of the Agta community. To achieve this, consultation meetings were held with the implementing partners to forge an understanding of the vision and goals of this project. In accordance with the identified needs of the Agtas to have better education, a classroom will be built for the children of the Agta community. At the end of the five-day activity, volunteer builders will have the option to experience community-based tourism activities in Abuan River. In addition, technical and financial support will be requested from the National Commission on Indigenous People (NCIP), Isabela State University (ISU), and other partners to prepare a curriculum designed for teaching of the indigenous knowledge and cultural practices of the Agtas.

To engage the community in protecting the Agta heritage and develop the potentials of youth leaders in the Province of Isabela, iMake A Difference aims to regularly mobilize community information and invite volunteers to hold various activities such as reading, writing, storytelling, music and arts sharing sessions with the Agta children. These sharing sessions will be an educational and entertaining platform for both the children and volunteers. The children will learn from the volunteers’ skills and knowledge, and the volunteers will learn about the Agta heritage.

The Escolta Revival Project

ASEAN Youth Heritage Leader: Clara Buenconsejo ([email protected])
Grant: USD 1,900.00

The Escolta Revival Project is a youth-led multi-sectoral programme that aims to restore the old glory of the historic street of Escolta in Manila. It primarily aims to crease awareness of the role of the youths in Escolta by offering internships or on-the-job trainings in collaboration with the Escolta Commercial Association Inc. (ECAI). Through this programme here, youths will undergo a heritage tour and outreach with informal settlers, while conducting data collection. Documented data will be used to support education workshops for school children, scale models for display at Calyo Museum, and an informative website about the street which will be the key output of the interns. The ASEAN Identity will be explored by comparing Escolta to the state of other similar sites in the region. Working with ECAI ascertains that there will be a steady supply of students who can volunteer or work as interns for the project. This program can be expanded to include other universities and colleges throughout the city.

Tuklas Yaman, Linang Yaman

ASEAN Youth Heritage Leader: Aidel Paul G. Belamide ([email protected])
Grant: USD 2,000.00

Tuklas Yaman, Linang Yaman (“Discover Wealth, Develop Wealth”) is a cultural-mapping and policy-making workshop for cultural and natural heritage management in the municipality of Silang, Cavite. It is a five-month project that involves seminar for heritage awareness, inventory of heritage properties, workshop on government heritage policies and programs, and drafting and lobbying of a heritage code in the Sangguniang Bayan (Municipal Council). It is to be initiated by the municipal government of Silang, particularly the Office of the Municipal Mayor and the Sangguniang Bayan Committee on Tourism. In addition to its key objectives, the project also seeks to inform the sectoral leaders of various institutions in Silang regarding the meaning, value, and issues of heritage and heritage management in the Philippines and the Southeast Asia. This is the only policy-based AYVP project. If the heritage code will be approved, a set of rules and regulations will be enforced in the municipality regarding the preservation, conservation, and utilization of heritage properties.


Wake & Shake Camp 2015

ASEAN Youth Heritage Leader: Nutthawut Naowabutra ([email protected])
Pimolpan Tirangkul ([email protected])
Pinhathai Chunharas ([email protected])
Grant: USD 1,500.00

Wake & Shake Camp is an annual project supervised by the Southeast Asian Studies Programme of Thammasat University. Its modality is a peer-to-peer approach, where senior secondary students will facilitate the teaching of younger children on several key topics such as ASEAN, its tangible and intangible cultural heritage and natural heritage. Interactive activities include a walk rally, movie show, camp newspaper and community immersions.


Book Connect

ASEAN Youth Heritage Leader: Nguyen Thi Minh Luan ([email protected])
Grant: USD 500.00

Book Connect seeks to become the bridge to connect readers who are interested in sharing and gaining knowledge from books on ASEAN heritage via exchange activities. Nowadays, there is a decline in reading habits of the people in Vietnam. Book Connect hopes to inculcate reading habits among people in the community, especially the young generations, through various activities, including Facebook sharing of posts related to books and readings, Friday book sharing seminars, and book exchange sessions. The activities are well-received with ever growing number of participants.