Water, Children and Sustainable Lives
Water is essential to life. 884 million people rely on unimproved sources for their water. Nowadays, clean water sources are reducing gradually. Therefore, water project needs large investment to provide safe water in rural areas. AYVP (Asean Youth Volunteer Program) focuses on this issue in Krokor floating village.
For their program, all asean eco leaders have been trained how to use water filter and how to do personal hygiene. And then, they give not only hygiene kits but also sharing information about personal hygiene house by house. They chose and gave water filters to the most important five places where villagers can easily come. At that point, it is really painful to community even though they gave these tools but the users are not aware on the importance of safe water and water handling.
Since community participation is low, they need to awake community and mobilize them for solution of problems by touching their hearts and minds in inspire ways. Theatre, dance, music, visual arts and sports activities can awaken their hearts. Here, children are the most active learners and they can easily spread their knowledge to their environment, especially their families and their friends. Therefore, Asean groups also give awareness campaign to communities to change their mind set to lead their sustainable lives. To conclude, I believe that all of asean members can spread the experiences and skills to their communities to lead sustainability when they go back.

The school children is drinking the clean water from the Ceramic filter

A child who is using the clean water through the Ceramic filter at the Krakor floating village


“I want to try hard myself first to get full capacity that is enable and help me to develop the children life from my school because the students, children are my life and I really want them improve in their life and to be a dependent person and our village is dependent on that younger generations to avoid such kinds of situation like living on the dirty water and using unclean water and moving our houses to be safe”.

Name- Puth Chanthou
Age – 35 years old
Position- Primary Teacher
Village- Krakor- Pursat