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Figure 1. Mane’s Family

Life is a story where we decide what we want to become. For some people, they do not have the leisure to choose to live life they way they wanted to. Mane , a 50 years old husband with a daughter and 3 sons, is one of such cases. He has not  worked for 8 years because of  the tonsils disease . His daughter stopped going to school since 3rd grade because of Mane’s  health condition , resuting in the lack of financial support for her to go to school . As a result , she had to sacrifice her education and became a labourer in a garment factory for her family to survive. Two years ago, his condition was getting better, but Mane still could not do any strenuous work, because he was easily exhausted.
As a result of this limitation, Mane chooses  to work as a repairer of “shrimp catchers”, which  earn only 3.5 dollars per day .As living in poverty,  Mean finds it difficult for him to cover basic  necessities for his family, especially  water.Gambar 2 untuk Blog

Figure 2. Rang’s Family

Rang,a 39 years-old business man, could earn money for 35 dollars per day.Thanks to his income, he can cover all expenses for his family, especially drinking water.

According to the two families,  no matter how much their sallary is, they still continue  staying in the Krakor village,and tend to move to live in the ground  if the government offers them a house on land

These two families buy drinking water and  they use the water lake for washing dishes and showering. By using water from the lake, it makes their health ruined. Sometimes they have diarhea,and develop skin diseases atc.

It is not life is unfair, but just option in not aviable